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OCCULT STORE ITEMS: (All Sealed or New Old Stock)
Funerary Call / Crown of Bone - Split Pro Cassette (Fall of Nature) $8
Funerary Call ‎"Fragments From The Aethyr" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Nekros Manteia ‎"Deus Otiosus" CD (Fall of Nature) $8
Deafheaven "Sunbatter" CD (Death Wish Records) $9
Hellige "Self Titled, Demo" CD (Metal Hit) $8
Mutilation Rites "Empyrean" CD (Prosthetic Records) $8
Wolvserpent ‎"Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed" 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $9
Wolvserpent ‎"Perigaea Antahkarana" 2xCD (Relapse Records) $10
Burial Ground "The Exorist" CDR (Altar of Waste) $8
Burial Ground "Zombie" CDR (Altar of Waste) $8
Burial Ground "Chopping Mail" CDR (Breaching Static) $8
Die Reitenden Leichen "F.O.A.D" CDR (Breaching Static) $10
Ritual Stance "Struggle & Seduction" CDR (Breaching Static) $8
Cory Schumacher "Decayed Output" CD (Dumpstercore Home Recordings) $6
Attilio Novellino ‎"Lost Days" CD (Small Doses) $7
Uvikra "Bi" CD (Badgod Music) $7
Trees "Sickness" CD (Crucial Blast) $6
Akhkharu ‎"Celebratum" CD (Silcharde Records) $9
Controlled Bleeding ‎"Shanked & Slithering" CD (Hospital Productions) $8
Gelsomina ‎"Nostalghia" CD (Cipher Productions) $7
Blsphm "Trench" CDR (Dead Accents) $7
Blsphm "Hollow" CDR (Dead Accents) $7
Blsphm "Bartholomew / Nathanael" CDR & Mini Book (Dead Accents) $7
Great Falls / Pastor Tonal - Split CDR (Dead Accents) $7
Pedestrian Deposit "Volatile" CD (Hospital Productions) $7
Jason Crumer "Ottoman Black" CD (Hospital Productions) $8
Bagman / Striations - Split CD (412 Recordings) $8
Maleux "Where The Dead No Longer Dream" CDR (Self Released) $5
Nettlecarrier "Self Titled" CD (Indie Recordings) $8
Head of The Demon "Self Titled" CD (The Ajna Offensive) $8
Dolorvotre "Self Titled" CD (The Ajna Offensive) $8
De Magia Veterum "The Divine Antithesis" CD (Transcendental Creations) $8
Persistence In Mourning ‎"God Is Not Here, The Fifth Year of My Idiotic War" Pro CDR (Universal Tongue) $8
Black Vomit "Jungle Death" CD (Rusty Axe) $8
Poochlatz "Victims of Self Preservation" CD (Maor Appelbaum Productions) $6
88mm "Motions of The Spinning Black Sun" CD (Audial Decimation) $8
Isolator "Culture & Principal of Anti-Human Exaltation" CD (Malignant Records) $9
Xiphoid Dementia ‎"Secular Hymns" CD (Malignant Records) $8
Xiphoid Dementia ‎"Might Is Blight" CD (Existence Establishment) $8
Xiphoid Dementia ‎/ Regosphere "Subterranean Transmigration" Split CD (Phage Tapes) $10
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer ‎"Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass" CD (Release The Bats) $18
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "Untitled" CD (Dead Accents) $8
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Dried Up Corpse / Nervous Corps / The Rita ‎"HN" Pro CDR (Hipster Death) $16
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Demonologists - Split Cassette (Gnarled Forest) $8
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + Pig Heart Transplant - Collaboration CD (Phage Tapes) $12
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer + Irr. App. (Ext.) ‎"Discordant Convergence" Collaboration CD (Phage Tapes) $12
Wolves In The Throneroom "Two Hunters" CD (Southren Lord) $8
Wolves In The Throneroom "Black Cascade" CD (Southren Lord) $8
Wolves In The Throneroom "Celestial Lineage" CD (Southren Lord) $8
KTL "I" CD (Editions Mego) $8
KTL "II" CD (Editions Mego) $8
Sunn o))) "Black One" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "Black One" 2xCD (Southern Lord) $20
Sunn o))) "White One" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "White Two" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "Flight of The Behemoth" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "Flight of The Behemoth" 2xCD (Daymare Recordings) $25
Sunn o))) "The Grimrobe Demos" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "OO Void" CD (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) "Oracle" CD (Southern Lord) $12
Sunn o))) "Monoiths & Deminsions" CD (Southern Lord) $12
Sunn o))) & Boris "Altar" (Southern Lord) $8
Sunn o))) & Ulver "Terrestrials" CD (Southern Lord) $12
Sunn o))) & Scott Walker "Soused" CD (4AD Recordings) $12
Sutekh Hexen ‎"Ordo Adversarial : Daemons : Shadows" CD (Fall of Nature) $8
Sutekh Hexen ‎"Larvae" CD (Handmade Birds) $9
Sutekh Hexen "Monument of Decay" CDEP (Small Doses) $9
Sutekh Hexen "Behind The Throne" CDEP (Magic Bullet) $9
Sutekh Hexen ‎"Empyräisch + The Power To Condemn" CD + 3" CD (Petit Mal Music) $14
Sutekh Hexen & Andrew Liles ‎"Breed In Me The Darkness" Collaboration / Remix CD (Aurora Borealis) $9
Sewer Goddess "Disciples of Shit: Live Waste" CD (Malignant Records) $8
Aderlating ‎"Gospel of The Burning Idols" CD (Malignant Records) $7
Deathstench "Massed In Black Shadow" CD (Malignant Records) $8
Nyodene D "Edenfall" CD (Malignant Records) $7
Körperwelten ‎"Avatars of Rape & Rage" CD (Malignant Records) $7
RU-486 ‎"Romanian Abattoirs" CD (Destructive Industries) $8
Defiler "V.III" Pro CDR (Self Released) $8
Twilight "Self Titled" CD (Southren Lord) $8
Nightbringer / Temple Of Not "Rex Ex Ordine Throni" Split CD (Fullmoon Productions) $8
Nightbringer / Acherontas "The Ruins of Edom" Split CD (Agonia Records) $10
Nightbringer "Death & The Black Work" CD (Fullmoon Productions) $8
Nightbringer "Ego Dominus Tuus" CD (Season of The Mist) $9
Leviathan "Verräter" 2xCD (tUMULt) $10
Leviathan "A Silhouette In Splinters" CD (Moribund Records) $9
Leviathan / Xasthur - Split CD (Battle Kommand Records) $9
Leviathan / Sapthuran- Split CD (Battle Kommand Records) $9
Leviathan / Crebain - Split CD (tUMULt) $7
Streetmeat "Trail of Death" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
White Walls "M-E-N-T-A-L-I-L-L-N-E-S-S" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Legless "Degenerate Lust" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Xome "Complete Electronic Broken" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Prosektor "Schizophrenia" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Lord of The Dead "Wood & Nail" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Albert Fish Is My Hero "Lesopolosa" 3" CDR (Nefarious Activities) $5
Demonic Yellow Swans "War" CDR (Hung Like A Horse?!) $5
The Doctrine of Flesh / Pus Drainer - Split CDR (Dead Pope) $5
Karst / Culver / La Mancha del Pecado - 3Way Split CDR (Turgid Animal) $5
The Dead End Street Band / La Mancha del Pecado "El Mercado De Las Brujas" Split CDR (Agorafobia Tapes) $5
Culver / La Mancha Del Pecado "The Tomb of Alucarda" Split CDR (Agorafobia Tapes) $5
Pregnant Spore / Mold Omen "Double Suicide" Split CDR (Egyptian Tea) $5
Hearse Fetish "Fickle Blade" CDR (Self Released) $5
Hearse Fetish "You Are Always Watched" CDR (Self Released) $5
Hearse Fetish "Trash Day Beauty/Body" CDR (Self Released) $5
Hearse Fetish "The Slave The Scarecrow" CDR( Self Released) $5
Hearse Fetish "Witch of Wet Rot" CDR (Self Released) $5
Brown Snake Kills Dog ‎"Thicker Fog" 3" CDR (Self Released) $5
Tomb of Trinkets ‎"Sweet Sound's Chasm" CDR (Self Released) $5
Lurid Hallway ‎"Door One" CDR (Self Released) $5
Wold ‎"Badb" CD (Crucial Blast) $5
Wold ‎"L.O.T.M.P." CD (Profound Lore Records) $5
Wold ‎"Screech Owl" CD (Profound Lore Records) $5
Bosse "Visions of The End" CD (Ars Magna Recordings) $5
Desolation "IV" CDR (Whispering Eye Recordings) $5
Procession of The Black Sloth "Self Titled" CDR (Whispering Eye Recordings) $5
Le Cose Bianche "Parabused" CDR (Whispering Eye Recordings) $5
Dreadlords "Self Titled" CDR (Prison Tatt Records: Passion And Torment Series) $5
Dope "Untitled" CDR (Prison Tatt Records: Passion And Torment Series) $5
Etheric Void ‎"Threnodies of Death Ritual Rites" CDR (Fatal Productions) $5
Utarm ‎"Aprocryphal Stories" CD (Handmade Birds) $8
Corephallism "Self Titled" 3" CD (Apop Records) $7
Positive Adjustments ‎"In The Name of Religion" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $8
Droughter ‎"Skin Gentleman’s Club" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $8
Blatella Germ / Ghoul Detail ‎"Harsh Music For Hot Nurses Vol. 4" Split CDR (Symbolic Prod) $6
Blatella Germ ‎"Low Cost Terrorism" Pro CDR (Symbolic Prod) $8
Camisole ‎"Infernus" CDR (Self Released) $10
Camisole ‎"Deceased Humanity Report" CDR (Self Released) $10
Maaaa ‎"Sampo Distortion" CD (24919 Records) $8
Maaaa ‎"Decay & Demoralization" CD (Mind Flare Media) $8
Goatvargr ‎"Black Snow Epoch" CD (Cold Springs Records) $9
Indigo Larvae ‎"Behind These Walls The Night Is Total" CD (Steinklang Industries) $8
Indigo Larvae ‎"Abandoned To Despair" CD (Steinklang Industries) $8
Cadaver In Drag ‎"Raw Child" CD (Animal Disguise) $7
Cadaver In Drag ‎"Abuse / Breathing Sewage" CD (Bloodlust) $7
The Vault / Âmes Sanglantes ‎– Split CD (Sophisticate Pleasure Records) $8
Temple of Not ‎"Μέλαινα Τάξις τοῦ Θανάτου" CD (Starlight Temple Society) $15
Ashdautas ‎"Shadow Plays of Grief & Pain" CD (Ixiol Productions) $10
Ashdautas ‎"Where The Sun Is Silent" CDEP (Full Moon Productions) $10
Procer Veneficus ‎"Of Starfire & Blackshadows Crawling" CD (Basilisk Productions) $10
Procer Veneficus ‎"Ghostvoices" CD (God Is Myth) $5
Procer Veneficus ‎"Convoy, Part. I" CD (God Is Myth Records) $5
Hair Police ‎"Obedience Cuts" CD (Freedom From) $8
Hair Police ‎"Constantly Terrified" CD (Troubleman Unlimited) $8
Hair Police ‎"Certainty of Swarms" CD (No Fun Productions) $8
Hair Police "Self Titled" CD (Hospital Productions) $8
Grunt ‎"Seer of Decay" 2xCD (Freak Animal) $18
Grunt "Petturien Rooli" CD (Freak Animal) $8
Deathpile "G.R" CD (Hospital Productions) $8
Deathpile ‎"Final Confessions" CD (Pain Compliance Productions) $8
BT. HN. ‎"Her Serpent" CD (Tronks) $6
BT. HN. ‎"Retrospective" CD (Pointless Blank Records) $10
BT. HN. + Sistrenatus ‎"Exposing The Ribcage" CD (Existence Establishment) $8
Gnaw Their Tongues ‎"An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Gnaw Their Tongues ‎"All The Dread Magnificence of Perversity" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Gnaw Their Tongues ‎"L'Arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Gnaw Their Tongues ‎"Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Crown of Bone "Throne of Cacophony" CDR (Altar of Waste Records) $8
Crown of Bone / Tenebrious "Epitaph Crusted Black, Indiana Blackened Noise" Split Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $8
Crown of Bone / Wilt "Neurosis of Enthrallment" Split + Collaboration Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $8
Crown of Bone / Burial Hex - Split Pro Cassette (Crucial Blast, Infernal Machine Series) $4
Crown of Bone / Utarm - Split Pro Cassette (Crucial Blast, Infernal Machine Series) $4
Crown of Bone / Law of The Rope - Split Pro Cassette (Crucial Blast, Infernal Machine Series) $4
Crown of Bone / Nighttime In The Abyss - Split Cassette (Dödsapparaten) $5
Crown of Bone / Savage Cross - Split CDR (Dead Accents) $7
Crown of Bone / Fields of Rape - Split Cassette (Worthless Recordings) $5
Crown of Bone & Burial Ground "Hellraiser: A Tribute" Collaboration Cassette (Worthless Recordings) $6
Demonologists "Sermons of Death & Eternal Damnation" Cassette (Waves of Decay) $8
Demonologists "Miscarriage of The Soul" Pro CDR / Chapbook (Crucial Blast, Crucial Blaze Series) $8
Demonologists / Deathstench "Incantations In Dead Tongues" Split Pro CDR (Black Goat Records) $14
Demonologists / Teeth Collection - Split Cassette (Hung Like A Horse) $6
Demonologists / The Kremlin - Split Cassette (No Sides) $5
Demonologists / En Nihil - Split Cassette (Worthless Recordings) $5
Trepaneringsritualen ‎"The Totality of Death" CD (Malignant Records) $10
Trepaneringsritualen ‎"The Totality of Death" CD (Silken Tofu) $10
Welter In Thy Blood "Through The Fields of Mourning" CD (Shadowgraph Records) $9
Stemcell Research Project ‎"Charnel Houses" CD (Syzmic Records) $8
Pro-Death ‎"The Aesthetic Somber of Death" CD (Black Goat Records) $7
A Taste For Decay ‎"Beneath Black Waters" CD (Black Goat Records) $7
Ahasverus "Foundation" CD (Black Goat Records) $15
Haute-Cimes "High Celestial Peaks" Cassette (Dödsapparaten) $5
RxAxPxE "Of My Own Free Will" CD (Assembly of Hatred) $9
RxAxPxE ‎"Droning Disdain" CDR (Tosom) $8
Tourette ‎"Jardin Du Sommeil Chant D'Amour Sur La Nuit Grandissante" CD (Troniks) $8
Tourette ‎"Brûle Mon Ame, Broie Mon Corps; Remodèle-Moi A L'image D'un Chien" CD (Phage Tapes) $8
Steel Hook Prostheses ‎"The Empirics Guild" CD (Malignant Records) $8
Sky Burial ‎"Pas The Sarvering Gallack Seas And Flaming Nebyul Eye" CD (Obfuscated Records) $8
Sky Burial ‎"Transmissions From The Void" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Sky Burial ‎"Threnody For Collapsing Suns" CD (Small Doses) $8
Sky Burial ‎"There I Saw The Grey Wolf Gaping" CD (Small Doses) $8
Sektor 304 ‎"Soul Cleansing" CD (Malignant Records) $6
Hall of Mirrors ‎"Altered Nights" CD (Malignant Records) $6
Maculatum ‎"The Nameless City" CD (Malignant Records) $6
Control "Deadly Sins" CD (Malignant Records) $6
Fire In The Head ‎"Screams For The Mute" CDR (Deserted Factory) $6 ‎
Fire In The Head ‎"As The Nest Burns" CD (Autarkeia) $6
Fire In The Head ‎"Come Closer Cut Deeper" CD (Nihilist) $6
Fire In The Head ‎"The Remedy Has Become The Affliction" CD (NCC: Noise Control Corp) $6
Fire In The Head ‎"Meditate / Mutilate" CD (Eibon Records) $6
Fire In The Head ‎"Confessions of A Narcissist" CD (Cold Springs Records) $8
Sutcliffe Jugend "Blue Rabbit" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Sutcliffe Jugend "With Extreme Prejudice" CD (Cold Springs Records) $8
Mors Sonat ‎"Comforts In Atrocity" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Rotorvator "I Vive I Morti" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $8    
Cloak of Altering "Plague Beasts" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Nekrasov ‎"Extinction" CD (Crucial Blast) $7
Nekrasov ‎"The Ever-Present" 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $9
Nekrasov ‎"Into The No-Mans-Sphere of The Ancient Days" CD (Self Released) $9
Nekrasov ‎"The Form of Thought From Beast" CD (Siege Of Power) $9
Nekrasov ‎"Cognition of Splendid Oblivion" CD (Siege of Power) $9
Glass Coffin ‎"Remnants of A Cold Dead World" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $8
Aelter "Dusk Dawn / Follow You Beloved" 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $9
Serpentine Path "Self Titled" CD (Relapse Records) $8
T.O.M.B. ‎"UAG" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Theologian ‎"The Chasms of My Heart" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Theologian "Some Things Have To Be Endured" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Gulaggh ‎"Vorkuta" CD (Crucial Blast) $6
Enbilulugugal ‎"Noizemongers For Goatserpent" 2xCD (Crucial Blast) $8
Actuary "The Reality Is, The Dream Is Dead" CD (Crucial Blast) $8
Schrei Aus Stein ‎"Tsisnaasjini" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Reclusa ‎"The Anticonscience" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Fecalove ‎"Void, Chaos & Cum" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Wether ‎"Uncertain Ritual" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Bacteria Cult ‎"Soulless Solace" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Luasa Raelon ‎"Into The Void" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Hedorah ‎"Collection" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Marax ‎"Black Veil of The Sanguinarian" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $5
Iron Forest ‎"Body Horror" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $6
Time Moth Eye "Undeath" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $6
Vomir ‎"Renonce" Pro CDR (Crucial Blast) $10
The Rita "The Voyage of The Decima Mas" CD (Troniks) $8
The Rita + Wilt ‎"Werewolf In The Black Space" Collaboration CD (Cipher Productions) $8
Wilt / En Nihil "Psychic Constellation" Split CD (Obfuscated Records) $8
Don Haugen ‎"Angels With Black Wings" CD (Obfuscated Records) $9
Endometrium Cuntplow ‎"Eclipse Blindness" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $5
Human As Disease ‎"10,000 Volcanoes" CD (Obfuscated Records) $9
Halalnihil ‎"Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág" CD (Obfuscated Records) $9
Circuit Wound ‎"Patience Wears Thin" CD (Obfuscated Records) $9
To The Lovers, Farewell ‎"Banister To The Throne Room" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $5
Grodock ‎"Verwerfungen" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $5
The Cherry Point "Night of The Bloody Tapes" CD (Troniks) $6
The Cherry Point "Misery Guts" CD (Phage Tapes) $6
Astro + Winters In Osaka ‎"Reverberating Forest" Collaboration CD (Phage Tapes) $8
Murderous Vision ‎"Black Hellebore, A Quiver Of Arrows" CD (Phage Tapes) $8
Minotaur "Obsession" CD (Phage Tapes) $8
Andy Ortmann ‎"Nightmania" CD (Nihilist) $8
Panicsville "Perverse" CD (Liquid Death Records) $2
Puritan Sword "Discography" Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $5
Grey Wolves "Judgement" CD (Hospital Productions) $
Wolfmangler ‎"They Call Us Naughty Wolves" CD (God Is Myth Records) $8
Stroszek ‎"Life Failures Zade Music" CD (God Is Myth Records) $5
Stroszek ‎"Songs of Remorse" CD (God Is Myth Records) $5
Black Crow King ‎"To Pay The Debt of Nature" Pro CDR (Badgod Music) $8
Project: Void ‎"The Anthropogenic Process" Pro CDR (Badgod Music) $8
Wraiths ‎"Dust In Our Mouths" CD (Aurora Borealis) $8
Black Mountain Transmitter ‎"Black Goat of The Woods" CD (Aurora Borealis) $8
Neige Morte ‎"Self Titled" CD (Aurora Borealis) $8
Ensepulchred "Abandoned Epitaph" Cassette (Skullheadfuck) $5
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr ‎"Transformalin" CD (Infinite Fog Productions) $10 
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr ‎"Transformalin" CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records) $8
Stalaggh ‎"Projekt Misanthropia" CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records) $8
Stalaggh ‎"Nihilistik Terrror" CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records) $8
Funereal Moon ‎"Satan's Beauty Obscenity / Grim... Evil..." CD (Autopsy Kitchen Records) $8
Black Seas of Infinity ‎"Amrita, The Quintessence" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $6
Black Seas of Infinity ‎"Hieros Gamos" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $6
Hoarstone ‎"Hoarstone" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $5
Drear / Great American Desert ‎"Warring Against The Sun / Solipsis" Split CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $5
Emit "Abortions" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $8
Roto Visage ‎"Where The Mandrakes Grow" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $8
Seeker "Invocation of The Sleeper" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $5
Kaniba ‎"Death Songs" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $5
Kaniba ‎"The Serpent, Or The Omega And The Completion of The First Circle" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $5
Peter J. Woods ‎"Fairweather Mask" CD (Autumn Wind Productions) $8
Peter J. Woods ‎"Afterthought" 3" CDR (FTAM) $5
Peter J. Woods / Brutophilia "Burials, Ruins, Offerings" Split 2xCDR (FTAM) $8
Prurient "The History of Aids" CD (Armegeddon Label, Hospital Productions) $10
Prurient "Black Vase" CD (Load Records) $10
Prurient "Fossil" CD (Truculent Recordings) $10
Prurient "Troubled Sleep" CD (Truculent Recordings) $10
Prurient "The Barons Chamber" CD (Nihlist Records) $10
Prurient "Pleasure Ground" CD (Load Records) $10
Prurient "Point & Void" CD (Nineth Circle Music) $10
Prurient "Through The Window" CD (Blackest Ever Black) $15
Prurient "Cocaine Death" CD (Hospital Productions) $8
Prurient "Times Arrow" CDEP (Hydra Head) $8
Prurient "Bermuda Drain" CD (Hydra Head) $10
Prurient "The Black Post Society" CD (Cold Springs Records) $10
Prurient "Arrowhead" CD (Edition Mego) $20
Prurient & Carlos Giffoni "Heavy Rains Return" Collaboration CD (IDEAL Recordings) $10
Prurient & Kevin Drumm ‎"All Are Guests In The House of The Lord" Collaboration CD (Hospital Productions) $10
Prurient & Hototogisu "Snail On A Razor" Collaboration CD (Hospital Productions) $10
Prurient / Akitsa - Split CD (Hospital Productions) $10
Prurient / Wolf Eyes - Split CD (Hospital Productions) $15
Wolf Eyes "Dread" CD (Hanson Records) $10
Wolf Eyes "Dead Hills" CD (Trouble Man Unlimited) $8
Wolf Eyes "Burned Minds" CD (Sub Pop) $10
Wolf Eyes "Human Animal" CD (Sub Pop) $10
Wolf Eyes "Mugger" CDR (Hanson Records) $10
Josh Lay "True Mask" CD (Small Doses) $8
Josh Lay "Heirophant" Pro CDR (Sentient Recognition Archive) $10
Josh Lay "Poison Drinker" Pro CDR (Sentient Recognition Archive) $10
Josh Lay / Crown of Bone "This Is A Tourniquet of The Light, The Black Obituary" Split Pro CDR (Obfuscated Records) $8
Josh Lay & PBK - Collaboration Pro CDR (Syndrom Records) $8
All Hail The Transcending Ghost "Self Titled" CD (Cold Springs Records) $6
Iron Fist of The Sun "Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand" CD (Cold Springs Records) $6
Nadja / Atavist / Satori "Infernal Procession, And Then Everything Dies" 3Way Split CD (Cold Springs Records) $6
The Infinity Dive "Moment of Impact" 7" (Blood of The Young) $5
The Infinity Dive / Ereshkigal - Split 10" (Technicians of The Sacred) $10
Ereshkigal "Untitled" 7" (Outlaws Not Robbers) $5
Book of Dead Names / Remingtin: West Fucking Triad - Split 7" (BOTY) $5
Usurp Synapse "In Examination of" 6" (Witching Hour Records) $5
The Drago Miette "A Slow Summer Drowning" 7" (Happy Couples Never Last) $5
Spread The Disease / Song of Zarathustra - Split 7" (Witching Hour) $5
Spread The Disease / Song of Zarathustra - Split 7" (Witching Hour) (First Press) $5
Spread The Disease "This Blood Ridden Tragedy" 7" (Undecided Records) $5
Song of Zarathustra "Self Titled" 7" (+319 Recordings) $5
Song of Zarathustra "Bote Des Zorns" 7" (Vendetta Records) $5
Dance & Destroy "Self Titled" 7" (Harmless Records) $5
V/A "Return To L.A.Y.L.A.H / Tribute To Zero Kama" CD + 3" CD (Buh Records) $18
V/A "Old Tyme Lemonade" CD (Hospital Productions) $5
V/A "The End of The Fear of God" CD (Tochnit Aleph) $5
V/A "Labyrinths & Jokes" CD (Hanson Records) $5
V/A "Music To F*** To" 2xCD (Pigdurt Productions) $5
V/A "Spring Noise Blowout 2011" (Nefarious Activities) $5
V/A "In Hoc Signo Vinces" Gnaw Their Tongues / The Slaughtered Lamb / Halo of The Sun / Arm & Sword of The Bastard God - 4Way Split CD (Black Goat) $8

Akitsa ‎"Aube De La Misanthropie" A5 2xCD
Altar of Plagues ‎"White Tomb" CD
Altar of Plagues ‎"Mammal" CD
Coffinworm ‎"IV.I.VIII" CD
Coffinworm ‎"When All Became None" CD
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "Onori Funebri Rituali" CD
Tenebrae In Perpetuum "Antico Misticismo" CD
Grim Funeral / Spectre "A Grim Funeral For Humanity / Coldness In The Howl" Split CD
Grim Funeral / Gheestenland - Split CD 

I Shalt Become "Requiem" CD
Hæresiarchs of Dis "Denuntiatus Cinis" CD
Hæresiarchs of Dis "Thirty-Eighth Sermon of The Unborn" CD

Neige Et Noirceur ‎"L'Abîme Des Jours, L'Écume Des Nuits" CD
Neige Et Noirceur ‎"Philosophie Des Arts Occultes / Thanatonaut" CD
Wolok ‎"Servum Pecus" CD
Perverse Monastyr "Self Titled" CD
EMK "Existence Is Futile" CD
Royal Arch Blaspheme "II" CD
Christ Beheaded "Open The Gates of Hell" CD
Hordes of Nebulah "And Blasphemous Night Shall Fall" CD 
Demiricous ‎"Demo Anno 2003" CDR 
Demiricous ‎"Demo Anno 2004" CDR
Aschmicrosa "Incubus Black Metal" CD
Schmerz "Chronika" CD
Black Blood "Cyptic Rituals" CD
Silencer "Death, Pierce Me" CD
Weakling "Dead As Dreams" CD
Sargeist "Tyranny Returns" CD
Sargeist "Satanic Black Devotion" CD
Sargeist / Horned Almighty – Split CD
Sargeist "Disciple of The Heinous Path" CD
Azrael "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD
Azrael "Into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse" CD
Azrael "Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat" 2xCD
Draugar "Weathering The Curse" CD
Krohm "A World Through Dead Eyes" CD
Krohm "The Haunting Presence" CD
Deathspell Omega "Kénôse" CD
Deathspell Omega "Fas – Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum" CD
Deathspell Omega "Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeternum: Chaining The Katechon" CD 

Mütiilation "Sorrow Galaxies" CD
Blut Aus Nord "The Work Which Transforms God" CD
Blut Aus Nord "MoRT" CD
Blut Aus Nord "Ultima Thulée" CD
Striborg "Nocturnal Emissions / Nyctophobia" CD
Striborg "Mysterious Semblance" CD
Striborg "Spiritual Catharsis" CD
Striborg "Trepidation" CD
Striborg "Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation" CD
Striborg "Embittered Darkness / Isle De Morts" CD
Striborg "Nefaria / A Tragic Journey Towards The Light" CD
Striborg "Ghostwoodlands" CD
Striborg "Solitude" CD
Striborg "The Foreboding Silence" CD
Striborg "Autumnal Melancholy" CD
Blackdeath "Saturn Sector" CD
Blackdeath "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD (First Pressing)
Blackdeath "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD
Blackdeath "Bottomless Armageddon" CD
Blackdeath "Satan Macht Frei" CD
Blackdeath / Leviathan "Totentanz II / Portrait In Scars" Split CD
Leviathan / Crebain - Split CD
Leviathan "Howl Mockery At The Cross" CD
Cattle Decapitation "Human Jerky" CD
Cattle Decapitation "Homovore" CD

Crown of Bone / Mowlawner / Fantome De Sang / Auditor / Wehrmacht Lombardo / Phantasm Nocturnes / Fault Worship "The Seven Deadly Sins" 7Way Split Digital Download
Tenebrious / The Nothing - Split CDR (LTD. 30)
Cory Strand "Halloween II: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 25)

Crown of Bone "30 Days of Night: A Tribute" CDR (LTD. 15)                        

Lindskold "The Aura of Collapse" + "The Majesty of The Lidless Eye" 2xCDR (LTD. 25)            

 Blsphm / Tenebrious - Split CDR (LTD. 50)
Sodadosa "Tomb of Silence" CDR (LTD. 50)
Ropes of Our Father "Purified Rituals of The Rope" CDR (LTD. 20)

Tenebrious / Ascetic Hedonism - Split CDR (LTD. 30)

Fantome De Sang "Une Obscurite Vampirique Dans Les Etoiles" 2xCDR (LTD. 25)

Cory Strand / Crown of Bone "The Thing: A Tribute" Split 2xCDR (LTD. 50)
Fanapth "0811" CDR (LTD. 25)
Boar "Broken Cast" CDR (LTD. 50)
Josh Lay "Rotted Afterlife" CDR (LTD. 50)
Crown of Bone "My Soul To Take: A Tribute" CDR (LTD. 15)
Vomir "Devoir De Refus De L'espace Public" CDR (LTD. 15)
Phantasm Nocturnes "Abused Flesh" CDR (LTD. 50)
Enbilulugugal "Black Noise Armageddon: Denying 13 Years of Existence" CDR (LTD. 25)
Nighttime In The Abyss "The Loser Manifesto: Notes From Dirt" CDR (LTD. 25)
La Mancha del Pecado "Domina" 2xCDR (LTD. 25)
Cory Strand "T2: Judgment Day: A Reinterpretation" CDR (LTD. 25)
Cory Strand "The Master: A Reinterpretation" CDR (LTD. 50)
Cory Strand "Halloween III: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 50)
Crown of Bone / Cory Strand "Nightbreed" Split 2xCDR (LTD. 25)
Black Moon Halo "Shadow Rituals For Black Druids" CDR (LTD. 50)
Cory Strand "Halloween IV: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 50)
The Doctrine of Flesh "Discography" CDR (LTD. 100)
Crown of Bone / La Mancha del Pecado - Split CDR (LTD. 25)
Infirmary / Crown of Bone "Idle Hands Do The Devil's Work" Split CDR (LTD. 50)
Lethe "1989 Confessions, Volume Two" CDR (LTD. 25)
Cory Strand "Blood Simple: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 25)
Fantome De Sang "Dans La Nuit Vampirique" CDR (LTD. 50)
Morthylla "Morthylla" CDR (LTD. 50)
Lethe "1989 Confessions, Volume One" CDR (LTD. 25)
Cory Strand "Three Pieces For Lindsay" CDR (LTD. 50)
Tomb of Trinkets "Drugged Lunch" CDR (LTD. 50)
Cory Strand "A Nightmare On Elm Street: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 50)
Willowbrook "The Black CDR" CDR (LTD. 25)
Cory Strand "Poltergeist: A Reinterpretation" 2xCDR (LTD. 50)
Abyzm "In The Boundaries of Nowhere" CDR (LTD. 50)
Skullwall "Schädling" CDR (LTD. 50)
Swallowing Bile "He Who Walks Behind The Rows: A Tribute To Children of The Corn" CDR (LTD. 50)
Wet Dream Asphyxiation "Voyeur Eyes Only" CDR (LTD. 50)
Savage Cross "Ensepulchred Under The Weight of The Void: Compressed To Nothing" CDR (LTD. 50)
Ritual Stance "A Touch of Light On Bare Shoulders" CDR (LTD. 50)
The Dead End Street Band "Psychedelic Sacrifice" CDR (LTD. 25)
Lackthrow "The Weight" CDR (LTD. 25)
Joseph Curwen "Silhouette" CDR (LTD. 25)
Plague Scripture "Descent of The Mad" CDR (LTD. 25)